Taking care of your loved ones
Small – 3ml

Handy and easy to carry around, best suited for a short trip.

Medium – 5ml

Similar to small, a little extra for that extra mile.

Large – 12ml

Suitable for family usage, or for sharing with a group.

X-Large – 14ml

Compact and elongated for ease of keeping it close to you.

Box of 5 patches

Rheumatic problems
Muscle and backache
Stiff and tingling shoulder

Citronella **NEW**

Repels insects
Calms anxiety
Relieves spasms
Eases infection


Reduce Stress
Relieves Pain
Alleviate Insomnia
Calm Agitation


Alleviate Dry Skin
Induce Confidence
Reduces Cough
Fades Scar Marks


Aids Digestion
Mood Booster
Natural Energizer
Improve Skin Health


Uplifts Mood
Supports Digestion
Increase Concentration
Improve Skin Condition

Gift Set (Dark Blue)

A set of 4 Aromatherapy Oils
Perfect for self or as a gift!

Gift Set (Light Blue)

A set of 4 Aromatherapy Oils
Perfect for self or as a gift!

Family Pack

Specially packaged Family Pack
All the wellness for everyone!



Taking care of your loved ones since 1937

In 1937, Mr Tan Siow Meng, a renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner from the coastal province of Guang Dong, developed a recipe for a medicated oil. He decided to name this medicated oil, Three Star Brand (星标驱风油) which immediately gained huge popularity.

Out of his belief in the benefits of the medicated oil, he brought this recipe over to Singapore. Along with his son, Mr Tan Chor Kiang, they began sharing it with their neighbours and friends, and soon established Shanghai Fachee Medical Hall.

This medicated oil soon became a household name, making its presence as Singapore's very own medicated oil.

Today, the company is incorporated as See Hai Tat Medical Hall (Singapore) Pte Ltd, and is run by the third & fourth generation of the Tan Family.

In 2018, the company was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for its assurance of quality products, and also launched its own Traditional Medicated Patches and Aromatherapy Oil. Calling it the new generation of traditional medicated oil, the Aromatherapy Oil is uniquely formulated from traditional medicated oil recipe with pure natural essential oils, enhancing its benefits and deviating from traditional scents. Try it today to know the differences!

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values.

To have an indispensable presence in every household for quality and affordable healthcare solutions.

To develop and manufacture the highest quality and beneficial products cost-effectively for you to take care of your loved ones.

Core Values:
1. Quality Assurance - We use our products with you
2. Healthcare Safe & Accessible - We uphold integrity and affordability for you
3. Inspiring Passion & Innovation - We bring creative healthcare solutions to you

  • Distributors

    Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, United Kingdom

  • Retailers

    Shops providing our products

  • Charity & Sponsorships

    Elderly homes, etc

  • Media engagements


Our Team

Working behind-the-scenes for you
Tan Chin Hiang
Tan Chin Hiang
Research and Development
Comes out with new products to help you show your love in different ways.
Tan Chin Ngiap
Tan Chin Ngiap
Allocates budget and takes charge of the welfare fund to share our love.
Tan Ching Seng
Tan Ching Seng
Source for more ways to make our products available for you.
Tan Yu Chuan
Tan Yu Chuan
Business Development
Makes sure our products helps you and your loved ones.
Ong Zhi Yang
Ong Zhi Yang
Strategically plan and execute marketing plans to reach out to you.
Tan Wan Wen
Tan Wan Wen
Comes up with beautiful pictures to mesmerise you

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