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Our Gift set 3 will include the following:

1) 2 boxes of TSB Herbal Patches (5 pieces/ box)
These patches are easy to use, effective, and provide fast relief.
It can be used for the relief of rheumatic problems, muscle & backache, stiff & tingling shoulders and sprains

2) 1 Aromatherapy Medicated Oil Gift Set of 5
Each bottle is inspired by Traditional Medicated Oil formulas infused with natural essential oils. Its method of use remains the same, but there are now enhanced benefits and scent to it! With its roll-on design, they can easily be applied to pulse points to restore, relax, and recover.

3) 1 TSB 14ml Traditional Med Oil
Traditional formula since 1937, made in Singapore.
For relief of flatulence, rheumatic pains, muscle aches, and sprains, headaches and giddiness, blocked nose, motion sickness, altitude sickness, and seasickness, insect bites

4) 2 30ml Hand Sanitizer (Original and Lavender)
A 65% alcohol content nourishing Antiseptic Cleanser with no-rinse and unique fragrances. It helps to effectively decrease infectious agents on hands, eliminate microorganisms and soothes your skin.

5) 2 bottles of Mozzie Free (Citronella and Lemon)
Made from natural ingredients which includes various essential oils, TSB Mozzie Free series not only offers non-oily and sticky experience but also with long-lasting unique scents! The natural components in them do well in repelling insects, and helps to soothe the skin by keeping a layer of moisture on the skin!


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