Special Collaboration Gift Set B

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Three Star Brand has proudly collaborated with ToteallyTea to come up with our very own gift set, suitable for any occasion and events.

A perfect gift for your loved ones.

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This Unique Gift Set will consist of:

1) Di Di Shiang Premium Pouchong Tea (100g)
Pouchong tea has the lowest oxidation rate of any Oolong tea, ranging from 8% to 15%. It is rich in antioxidants (quercetin), vitamins and minerals to brighten eyes and skin. Pouchong tea also has considerable content of the L-Theanine Amino Acid and is believed to impart relaxing properties on the drinkers while boosting the body’s natural defenses. Tea drinking will help with weight loss and the lowering of cholesterol levels. Low caffeine level: est 9 to 30mg / 250mlIt

2) Di Di Shiang Green Tea Pumpkin Seeds Crisps
绿茶南瓜子酥 Tasty Treats for your family and friends! This is suitable for vegetarians and contains no artificial flavouring or coloring. Individually packed for your convenience.

3) 2 TSB new generation Aroma Med Oils (Floral/ Fruity) (Lemon, Lavender, Grapefruit, Citronella, Jasmine)
Each bottle is inspired by Traditional Medicated Oil formulas infused with natural essential oils. Its method of use remains the same, with enhanced benefits and scent to it! With its roll-on design, they can easily be applied to pulse points to restore, relax, and recover.

4) 30ml Hand Sanitizer (Lavender)
Nourishing 65% alcohol content antiseptic cleanser, no rinse with unique fragrances. It helps to effectively decrease infectious agents on hands, eliminate microorganisms and soothes your skin.

5) Three Star Brand Herbal Medicated Patch (5 pieces)
Easy to use, Effective and Fast relief. For relief of rheumatic problems, muscle & backache, stiff & tingling shoulders, sprains

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