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  • Do your Aromatherapy Roll On Oil still have the same healing properties as those of the traditional medicated oils?
    Yes, they do! Our Aromatherapy Roll On Oil are made with a careful fusion of natural essential oil blends and Three Star Brand's traditional medicated oil recipe that was founded in 1937.
  • What are your best sellers?
    Our best sellers include the Aromatherapy Roll On Oil as well as our Natural Mozzie Free series.
  • Are your products safe for pregnant mothers, children, or babies?
    Our products are made from natural ingredients and are typically safe for use by pregnant mothers, children, and babies when used in moderation. We recommend doing an initial patch test on the inner wrist or elbow to check for any potential skin reactions before using our products. If you have any specific concerns, we advise consulting with a healthcare professional for further guidance.



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