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TSB Roll-On Aroma Oil 10ml (Gift Set of 5)

TSB Roll-On Aroma Oil 10ml (Gift Set of 5)


Each Gift Set contains all 5 roll-on new generation aroma med oils! 

Inclusive of Lemon, Grapefruit, Lavender, Citronella and Jasmine.


Our specially packaged Aroma Med Oil Gift Set of 5 bottles, is the perfect gift you can get for your loved ones and friends for any occasion! Each bottle is inspired from Traditional Medicated Oil formulas infused with natural essential oils. It’s method of use remains the same, but there’s now enhanced benefits and scent to it!


With its roll-on design, they can easily be applied to pulse points to restore, relax and recover. New generation of Traditional Medicated Oil (Aroma Medicated Oil), infused with Natural Essential Oils. Refreshing & Reinvigorating Provides various therapeutic benefits (depending on which aromatherapy oil)


Provides medicated oil properties for relief of:

Tiredness Insect bites

Blocked nose Stomach-ache

Headaches and giddiness

Motion and altitude sickness, seasickness

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