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TSB Natural Mozzie Free (Rose Geranium) (50ml)

TSB Natural Mozzie Free (Rose Geranium) (50ml)


Made from natural ingredients which includes various essential oils, TSB Mozzie Free series not only offer non-oily and sticky experience, but also with long-lasting unique scents!


The natural components in them do well in repelling insects, and helps to soothe the skin by keeping a layer of moisture on the skin!


Each bottle releases a good amount of mist sprays (holding it at a distance of ~15cm), that protects you for more than 6 hours!


You can apply directly onto your skin or clothing. But do remember to shake the bottle well before each application!


Now it’s really time to be Mozzieee Free~!


Made in Singapore.


Rose Geranium & Tea Tree Eucalyptus are now available in 50ml due to popular demand 😊😊😊

Available in Lavender, Lemon and Citronella (Original).


Ingredients list (various essential oils, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, polysorbate-20, vegetable glycerin, aqua)

Available in 5 Scents! Lavender, Citronella, Lemon(50ml/90ml)Tea Tree, Rose Geranium (50ml)

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